5 tips for keeping your indoor plants alive

Are you a plant lover? I'm totally plant lover, but I could also be listed as a plant killer. We asked Mishca from Twisted Pots what her tips were for keeping your indoor plants alive. 1. Use indoor plant food at least every 4-6 weeks 2. Wash all leaves so there is no dust on them 3. Allow your plants to have some outside time no direct sunlight 4. Try and keep plants away from direct fan or aircon 5. remove any dead leaves from the plant
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Event Information

Our Event The Darwin Market Group is a small collection of local businesses bringing new life to outdoor spaces, shopping centres and empty shopfronts in the Darwin Region.  All of the businesses that participate in our event live and work within the local community just like you and me. When we stand alone as businesses we are just a small part of the community but by coming together we bring you a large range of products and services that will...

And That’s A Wrap!

We had our last market of the year on Sunday 20th October and it was certainly a hot one. Our event is made up of 90% women who are working from home and juggling small children, school sports, 9-5 jobs and everything in between. This year we supported over 80 local businesses selling everything from cloth nappies to laksa. On behalf of the stallholders at Zuccoli Plaza Markets I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the Zuccoli...
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We love our community..

I applied for Zuccoli Plaza Markets when we moved to Darwin at the start of the year. The market atmosphere is awesome and the organizer and stallholders feel more like friends. 
I also love that it is a fortnightly it gives us a full weekend without families but it is not too much time between markets like monthly ones. It is a great work -life balance.

Maree, MW Handmade Designs 

We are very grateful to have been a part of these markets for over 12 months.

Dani has supported our little biz from day one. We would not have been able to achieve the exposure and growth we have been so lucky we have, if it wasn’t for this fantastic local event that she has created. 

The atmosphere is always great, we’ve made many new friends and just love how supportive everybody is of each other.  We look forward to many more markets to come. 
Trish & Sharon, Buttoned Up.